Following the popularity of our luxurious nostalgic designs, Into Gaia now provides bespoke one-of-a-kind custom cowgirl boots. Immerse yourself in the magic of nostalgia as you create with our in-house designers from a range of materials, colours, and designs to create your ultimate cowgirl dream boots.

How Long Does It Take?


It takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete your custom cowgirl boots of dreams. Includes an initial consultation, where we will work closely with you to discuss and decide on the designs, motifs, colours, and textures that perfectly reflect your vision. Before, our skilled team of artisans will meticulously craft your bespoke cowgirl boots, with utmost attention to detail.

Consultation & Fitting


Consultations for bespoke will be done via video call. Please know your shoe size and have a tape measure to hand.



Our Bespoke prices vary depending on the style, materials and level of detail wanting for your Boots.

The starting price for bespoke custom cowgirl boots is £295

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